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About Us

The Brand

Monarque Jewelry; Redefining Royalty. These words guide us to create for and provide each woman with the opportunity to be treated as nothing less than a queen. For decades, women have liked to flaunt their jewelry because of the significance it carries; an accessory that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also an extension of their personality. And thusly, our brand strives to create not just visually appealing designs, but rather a new medium of expression.

The Company

Our company is a subsidiary of the already vastly successful 'Kowloon Trading Company', a leading wholesaler and retailer of semi-precious, precious stones and of course, diamonds. Having been based in Hong Kong over the last 30 years, they have established a sizable niche of customers and has also branched out over the globe; India, Thailand and USA. While the wholesale and retail aspect of the stones has been fruitful, Monarque Jewelry has now been launched to translate the impeccable quality of their stones into jewelry that exudes elegance, delicacy and a taste of royalty.

Our Product

In the olden days, royalty was defined by the quality and quantity of jewels and metals they owned, with gold being the most prestigious of them all. Thus, to provide a more traditional experience of lavishness, and to instill the feeling of being queens in their own right, we offer our customers 18K gold jewelry. While the idea of royalty is appealing, we also know that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend'. Speaking of friends, our royalty redefining jewelry is perfect not just for oneself, but even as a treat to others.

Our Team

The Hong Kong-based jewelry designer Shruti Agarwal, is the founder of Monarque Jewelry. Shruti, having attained a degree in Jewelry Designing from the Gemological Institute of America, aims to showcase the creativity and uniqueness of their products to the world. The firm has strong belief in the distinctiveness and potential of every individual, and it is that same ideology that is visible in each one of the intricately crafted works.

Monarque Jewelry is made for women, by the women and is of the women. As our brand statement goes, we aim at ‘redefining royalty’ through our exclusive and subtle collections.