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La Petite Fleur

The ‘La Petite Fleur' collection is the introductory selection of Monarque Jewellery’s finest. It combines the 2 most popular desires of women; flowers and jewelry. Inspired by the beautiful floral patterns of roses, clovers and orchids, this collection symbolizes love, togetherness and commitment. Each of the distinct pieces captures the essence of nature and highlights its delicacy and elegance. The level of detailing invested into the jewelry is sure to captivate you and leave you mesmerized.


Serving as a perfect collaboration and fusion between eastern and western designs, the iNDO collection modernises traditional Indian jewelry with some subtle western detailing. The core element for each of the pieces is the extremely diverse cultural heritage that India has to offer, coupled with a more modern perspective. Considering that the history of jewelry in India has largely been of two opposing styles; simplistic and extravagant, iNDO aims to achieve a delicate balance whilst offering its customers variations of semi-precious stone strands and even white gold indented with diamond clusters. All in all, iNDO provides a contemporary touch to traditional ideas to flawlessly blend Eastern and Western cultures.


Infinity Ocean

By and large, the ocean is the embodiment of peace, tranquility and endlessness. These very characteristics are symbolized through the multitudes of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets offered as part of this collection. Many aspects of the ocean like its waveforms, colors of the water and coral reef patterns have been incorporated in the ensemble. The effortlessly unifying nature of the ocean served as a greater inspiration in the creation of Infinity Ocean. This ability to blend furthers our belief that each piece in this collection would be suitable with any attire, no matter the occasion.